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Here at Affinity For Hair in Taunton, we offer a range of hair treatments from a 5 minute boost for your hair through to the luxury of Awaphui Wild Ginger Keratriplex. We also offer Olaplex to work alongside our colouring services, to reduce breakage and keep hair healthy and vibrant, or as a stand alone treatment. With our experienced and highly skilled colourists, you can rest assured we will leave your hair feeling silky and smooth. Our professionals use cruelty-free products of the highest quality.

Whether you are based in Taunton or a surrounding area of Somerset, arrange a visit to our hair salon at a convenient time for you by giving us a call on 01823 272833.

What Is Olaplex Treatment?

The Olaplex treatment is a three-step process including patented active ingredients that repair bonds broken by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.

How Does Olaplex Work?

If you are wondering how does Olaplex work, let us explain the process:

  • The Bond Multiplier step repairs broken disulphide bonds and starts the process of strengthening and rebuilding strands.
  • The Bond Perfector step continues to re-build and repair remaining damaged bonds and gets hair as healthy, resilient and shiny as possible.
  • The Hair Perfector step lessens damage and noticeably restores hair and improves its texture and appearance.
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Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatment

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We also offer Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatment, a deep conditioner that repairs and protects weakened hair, and provides hydration and sheen. The process involves two steps. including:


The KeraTriplex™ Treatment

We apply the sulphate, silicone and paraben-free single-shot ampoule of concentrated KeraTriplex™ blend of keratin proteins to shampooed hair. This sinks into the hair shaft, protecting and mending damaged strands. We leave this on for a 5-minute period.


Keratin Intensive Treatment™

A powerful, sulphate and paraben-free deeply nourishing and penetrating cream is applied to the hair, once the KeraTriplex™ ampoule has been absorbed. We then keep the hair under heat for 10 minutes. The Keratin Intensive Treatment™ immediately conditions and improves hair texture, offering stunning results.

Awapuhi: An Ancient Beauty Essential

Awapuhi was used by Hawaiian natives to condition and nourish the hair and skin and has been utilised by Paul Mitchell® for three decades. The natural substance, Awapuhi, leaves hair soft to the touch, satin-smooth and hydrated. Fusing to the hair shaft, it makes hair easier to manage, and gives great shine. 

KeraTriplex™: The Exclusive Keratin Blend

Keratin protein is seen as the backbone of the hair shaft and is an essential aspect of healthy and strong hair. Here at Affinity For Hair, we use the exclusive KeraTriplex™ blend, found in the Awapuhi Wild Ginger™ collection. This blend repairs damage from the core to the cuticle, transforming damaged strands into pillars of strength.

Mud Detox Hair Treatment

This professional mud detox hair treatment gently removes impurities and absorbs toxic substances resulting from product build up, pollution, and hard water. The hair and scalp treatment is sulfate free and perfectly safe on color treated hair. The cleansing clay treatment gives a wonderful sensation of freshness and leaves hair feeling radiant and revitalized.

The innovative deep cleansing hair product is ideal for renewing and re-energizing hair that is weighed down from hard well water buildup. The clay activated mud detox removes pollution, absorbs toxic substances, and makes your hair radiant and revitalized.

The restorative clay detox hair treatment is the first step for every service with the Semi Di Lino line. The purifying hair and scalp treatment is the ideal tool to emphasize the benefits of the products of the Semi Di Lino hair care products. The specific active ingredients include clay and moringa oleifera extract which contain absorbent and purifying properties. It cleanses the scalp and strengthens your hairs roots while also moisturizing and preventing breakage.

• Cleansing Clay Hair and Scalp Treatment
• Gives Sensation of Freshness
• Laves Hair Feeling Radiant and Revitalized
• Sulfate Free
• Safe on Color Treated Hair
• Adds Brilliant Shine and Softness

T3 Tea Tree Treatments

Awaken your senses with our amazing Paul Mitchell Tea Tree treatments. We offer a range of treatments to suit your needs.

t3 tea treatment
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Serious Detox

Revitalise tired and overworked hair with our Serious Detox. This treatment includes a combination of Shampoo 2 and Shampoo 3 which deeply nourishes your hair while cleansing it from build-up and impurities.

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